Welcome to my media page! Here you will find links to various reporting and multimedia projects I have contributed to including guest blogs, online tutorials, and nerdy science-themed spoof music videos.


“Diving the Seaweed Forests of the Antarctic Peninsula”, UO/UAB/UAF/TAMU, 2019

“In the wild, biodiversity’s power surpasses what experiments predict”, Smithsonian Insider, 2017

“SCUBAnauts ‘Dive In’ Behind the Scenes at the Smithsonian”, SCUBAnauts International, 2017

“Westward, Ho! MarineGEO Enters The Pacific”, Shorelines, 2016

“An Elegant Tool Called Squidpop That Scientists Want to Crowdsource”, Smithsonian Magazine, 2016

“From BRC to MarineGEO: Bringing the Biodiversity”, Beaty Biodiversity Museum, 2015

“10 Marine Areas Worth Saving”, Huffington Post, 2014

“The ‘Eel’ and the Octo”, The Madreporite, 2013

“Eelgrass – Kindergarten des Meeres in Gefahr! [Eelgrass – Kindergarten of the Sea in Danger!]”, Reinhard Mink Photography, 2012


“From the Poles to the Equator: Diving for Marine Ecology”, UW Marine Biology Seminar, 2021

“2019 Antarctic Seaweed Gradients”, UO/UAB/UAF/TAMU, 2019

“MarineGEO Field Campaign: Belize”, Smithsonian Global, 2017

“MarineGEO in Tasmania”, Tennenbaum Marine Observatories Network, 2017

“Squidpop Tutorial”, Tennenbaum Marine Observatories Network, 2016

“Bird Clines”, UBC Dept of Zoology Huts Skit, 2013

“Cite Me Maybe”, UBC Dept of Zoology Huts Skit, 2012